Planet Verde is a regional independent distributor serving western Oregon and Southern Washington’s finest grocers, restaurants, food cooperatives, schools, senior living communities, worship communities and independent wholesale customers. Our core values are providing Sustainable, Local, Organic and Whole products and services which we call S.L.O.W. To this end we believe that we can affect global change by creating partnerships between producers, distributors, retailers and consumers which has positive effects on the overall health of our environment, local businesses, and personal health of consumers. The company formed in 2010 and developed our slogan and guiding value “BUY IT FORWARD, GIVE IT BACK.” We believe that consumers who choose to purchase S.L.O.W products buy “forward buying results in giving back to our community and the planet we all share.”


As a company we strive to be on the cutting edge of sustainable practice by choosing hybrid and low emission vehicles, reusable totes, reusable freezer bags, and reusable containers. Our company staff meets often in quest of finding additional ways to advance sustainable practice. We avoid single use plastic products and encourage reusable containers. This change from a throwaway society to a reuse society is a continuous challenge and we encourage our consumers, our vendors, and our farmers to join us in this common effort. By purchasing more than 70% of our items from local sources within 200 miles of Eugene, we save thousands of transport miles.


We strive to source as many products as we can from local sources. This practice is not only great for our environment but also makes great economic sense. Local products produce local jobs. Supporting local farmers and local food producers provides options for our community to keep jobs in our community. Our goal is to always remain above 50% local. The average “local” grocery store sells 5% to 10% local products.


Organic foods are better for your health and better for our environment. It is the fastest growing sector of food consumption and we are proud to offer many organic certified products to our customers. David Kamrat, our founder, has often been quoted to say: “Organic food is a misnomer. Really there is food as it has been for millenniums and then there are non-organic processed foods. This is a recent phenomenon driven by corporate profit and mass consumption and not by the health needs of consumers or the environment we share.”  We also offer transitional foods, sustainably grown foods, and other efforts to get us as close to “food” as possible.

As a company we try to sell as many whole foods as we can. We believe that organic whole foods are the best choice for human diet and love to represent producers of vegetables, fruit, bread, grains etc, We also fully support products that are GMO free.


So now that we have told you our guiding principles we also want to let you know that we are not food evangelists. We believe in compromise and slow change. Our goal is to encourage our customers to move toward S.L.O.W buying and consumption according to their own pace and judgment. We believe that here in the great NW we are fortunate to even have choice in the foods we consume.


Our founders David and Jane Kamrat have been part of the organic food movement since they met in high school in Brooklyn NY. Having raised three children on primarily vegetable based organic diets, natural herbal medicine, and holistic life style.

Jane is also a nurse midwife while David has had a successful career in construction and telecom businesses.


David serves on the Board of JAM and All in South Florida and Temple Ohr Hagan in Eugene.